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The following is a list of blocks the world is made of.

Nature[edit | edit source]

World In Crate
Bitumen outside.png
Bitumen inside.png
Clay outside.png
Clay inside.png
Coal outside.png
Coal inside.png
Dirt outside.png
Dirt inside.png
Grass outside.png
Grass inside.png
Limestone outside.png
Limestone inside.png
Magnesia outside.png
Magnesia inside.png
Quartz outside.png
Quartz inside.png
Sand outside.png
Sand inside.png
Slate outside.png
Slate inside.png
Stone outside.png
Stone inside.png

Ores[edit | edit source]

World In Crate
Bismuth outside.png
Bismuth inside.png
ChromiteOre outside.png
ChromiteOre inside.png
CopperOre outside.png
CopperOre inside.png
IronOre outside.png
IronOre inside.png
Nickel outside.png
Nickel inside.png
Tellurium outside.png
Tellurium inside.png
Zinc outside.png
Zinc inside.png