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Food and Nutrition is an essential gameplay element in the game The Kindred.

About[edit | edit source]

All of the edible items in the world have a Nutritional Value which we’ve called the nV rating. Each Kin needs to consume at least 100 nV per day to keep them from starvation. They can eat less but keeping them at less than 100% hunger means they will move more slowly and have less energy to complete work.

The nutritional ratings are loosely based on the real world so eating lettuce isn’t going to increase your energy as much as meat, etc. You can click on all of the plants and animals to find out their rating, you can also right click them to get a list of options like hunting the animals for meat or harvesting seeds to plant your own crops.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Killing an animal will give you a high nV yield but make sure you don’t kill the last of their kind or you won’t be able to breed livestock.
  • Shepherding animals into a fenced area is tricky business. Once you right click the animal and select the shepherd button a Kin will walk over to the animal. You then left click the Kin and right click their destination. The animals can be obstinate and rather slow in following but they will get there eventually. You may need to have your Kin walk within the fenced area to entice the animal to enter. Nobody ever said farming was going to be easy!
  • Fruit also has a decent nV rating, craft a fruit picker and send your Kin foraging for fruit. Remember to plant the seeds to start growing your own orchard.
  • Cooking food increases its nV rating. Craft a cooking pot to make your food stretch further.

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