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Plants banner.png

Food and Nutrition is an essential gameplay element in the game The Kindred.

Look at Food and Nutrition for an explanation of nV.

caption Plant nV
Apple seed.png
Apple tree.png
5 nV
Carrot seed.png
Carrot field.png
4 nV
Corn seed.png
Corn field.png
4 nV
Lettuce seed.png
Lettuce field.png
3 nV
Orange seed.png
Orange tree.png
4 nV
Pea seed.png
Pea field.png
1 nV
Potato seed.png
Potatoe field.png
12 nV
Turnip seed.png
Turnip field.png
2 nV
Wheat seed.png
Wheat field.png
0 nV